Our primary focus is to assist financial institutions with their retail service product mix, structure, and pricing. Package/Enhanced checking account strategies have proven to be extremely effective for facilitating sales efforts and maximizing non-interest fee income.

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Consulting Services

Acquiring new checking account customers today is very competitive and expensive. Customers are tech savvy, with access to endless reviews and research and they have high expectations for value. Let us show you how to meet and exceed their expectations, with a plan that is built specifically for your institution.

Marketing Support

Our support does not stop with consulting. We provide marketing services to ensure you maximize on profit. Attract new customers with our branded marketing support that includes optimized websites, mobile apps, newsletters, social media campaigns, videos and more.

Employee Training

Sisk has provided comprehensive sales and product knowledge training programs to financial institutions for over 45 years. Maximize profit with onsite, webinar and train the trainer programs to understand consumer behaviour and trends. We also offer employee incentive programs to increase engagement.

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